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About Drummond House Garlic

Drummond House Garlic, The Home of Irish Garlic is a beautiful 100 acre farm located in the quaint village of Baltray Co Louth and is owned by Peter and Marita Collier. The farm has been in the Collier family for just over 150 years and has always been a working farm.

With farming being so tough in this current climate and two young children we decided that we would have to look at different and new ways of farming to ensure a more profitable and successful future for both Drummond and future Collier generations.

With our love of real fresh home grown food and on an amazing trip to India, Peter my husband decided to explore the possibility of growing garlic on our farm. This was the beginning of our very exciting love affair with all things garlic.

We started our research in 2012 and spent 18 months planning, sourcing organic disease free certified seed. Then in October 2013 we planted 4 acres of garlic seed, by hand and 4 different varieties

We also have planted 2 acres of Asparagus and in 2015 we should have our first Irish grown Asparagus spears for sale. More on that one later.

It has been an amazing journey to date and our first harvest of Garlic Scapes was the most unbelievable success story of 2014. The garlic has been harvested and dried and also a tremendous success.

The flavor, smell, quality and richness of our garlic will blow you away. You have never tasted garlic until you taste Drummond House Garlic and then you will never be able to forget it, its like angels dancing on your tongue.

So that’s the start of our story, and now let the rest of of the journey commence. Both Peter and I look forward to delighting the Irish Market with real garlic flavors and produce to totally amaze your taste buds.