A quick chicken chow mein recipe


As much as we might love turkey and ham, over the festive season it is nice to  enjoy other cuisines that allow us to use our garlic. One of these is Asian. Something else we love are dishes that can be cooked up in less than 20 minutes. One such dish is Chicken Chow Mein. IfRead more

10 tips for cooking with garlic

garlic-crushed-2 copy

We all love garlic, but what are some of the best ways to store, prepare and use this ingredient we love so much? Have you ever wondered how to get the strongest flavour from it, or how you can get stubborn garlic smell off your hands? We’ve all of this covered and more with our tenRead more

Tuites Butchers in Drogheda can’t get enough of our garlic!


Tuites Butchers are a name synonymous with Drogheda and the third-generation of Tuites are serving some of the finest meats around. This includes their latest offering – a smoked garlic sausage now featuring our very own garlic.   And after only a week of selling the new recipe sausages, proprietor Edward Tuite says they are aRead more

How to make bruschetta – a quick and foolproof recipe

How to make bruschetta - a quick and foolproof recipe

Something I’ve been making an awful lot more (and not only due to the amount of garlic were have here on the farm) is bruschetta. I’m a big fan of Italian food so each time I sit down in a trattoria in Florence or even a traditional Italian restaurant in Drogheda I’m always prone toRead more

We are now available in Dublin!

Honest 2 Goodness Market - our latest stockist

All summer we’ve been growing the number of stockists who are selling our garlic. Until now we are available in nine locations although these all have one thing in common – they’re all in and around the village we call home, Baltray in Co. Louth. You can find us in three locations in Drogheda, two places in Termonfeckin and weRead more

Tune in to Sunday AM on TV3!

Friend and supporter of Drummond House Garlic Tara Walker is on Sunday AM on TV3 this Sunday

Co. Louth is a bit of a melting pot in the culinary world. As well as Ireland’s largest independent grower or garlic you’ll find the country’s newest biscuit brand, craft beers and ciders and some world-class cheeses. We’ve even got our own celebrity chef – Tara Walker of East Coast Cookery School. Tara is bothRead more

Redmond Fine Foods come to visit


Summer 2015 has been full of lots of great days, but last Tuesday was definitely one of the highlights. Rocky Redmond of Redmond Fine Foods came to visit, but he didn’t come alone. He was joined by the Merrion Hotel’s Executive Chef Ed Cooney and his team. The Merrion Hotel is one that needs no introduction andRead more

Interview with Gerry Kelly on LMFM’s Late Lunch


This summer has been full of exciting days for us and yesterday was no different. We were lucky enough to appear on LMFM Radio’s Late Lunch Show with Gerry Kelly to discuss all things garlic. We enjoyed the interview. Hope you do too…

10 things you didn’t know about garlic

Things you didn't know about garlic

We all know garlic as an ingredient, but do you know the best way to use it and to store it? Or did you know there are many other uses for garlic? We’re sure there are lots of things you didn’t know about garlic . Here are just ten that might surprise you… 1. How toRead more

Recipe – Garlic scape pesto


Once a year we have the pleasure of being able to enjoy garlic scapes, a part of the garlic that many people sometimes discard before harvesting. But the scapes are an extremely flavourful part of the plant that can be used in salads, eaten whole or pickled. They’re also great for making authentic garlic scapeRead more